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The Church Within: Our Primary Calling

The tiny-ness of a soul – may seem as insignificant as a grain of sand. And yet, it requires some management. With its wondering and wandering, rebellions, fears, and yes, also the purest longing for  goodness:

It is the core material each one of us has to offer to God.

Church altar
Church Altar (Photo credit: chrissthegirl)

It seems to have become quite fashionable for Christians to speak of the “calling of God,” to some facet of ministry or function within the church at large. It’s much more common today than in the early Church.

Of course it is essential that each child of God knows and follows God’s sovereign will throughout life. However, as we’ve seen this increased focus on the external ways in which God can use us to minister in our world, it seems that Christians can become primarily focused on external external calling. We too easily forget that every effort we make in this life is a direct reflection of what is inside the soul.

In other words, each person’s ministry is secondary to the fervent maintenance of the soul – the church within.

When in the presence of our mighty God, the soul rests; receiving countless graces – all of which infuse the tender soul with His own nature. In face, this is how we receive the strength, the peace, the patience and more, which is required for each soul’s external calling.

Sanctuary is a lifetime spiritual occupation, a blessed, often delicate calling to prayer. Oh the profoundly affirming Presence that shows a person the truth of self! Only God can do that.

Friend, until next time, may God keep you with His Mighty Hand.         ______________________________________________________________________________You might also enjoy . . .

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