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Shame: Find the Real Looking-Glass

What is shame? Other than a construct of the mind, does it have any substance in the universe? Is it ever really true?

Externally, of course there are people who wish to shame someone – but in true-blue reality, it can only “stick” if one chooses to accept it. So in not accepting it, one must refuse to be concerned about adjusting the views of others who hold a shameful opinion of oneself. Let them have their illusions.

Just don’t share in them.Shame - A Head Game to Be Avoided - facing LEFT

Reach out to God to see your reflection.

The better we’d all be if we could resist looking to others as a mirror of ourselves. Looking at ourselves through the eyes of our Creator may well be the only way to find a true reflection of who we really are.

And in that reflection, we can see that we are free . . .

See freedomthen

Live peacethen

Just bethen

Be love.

Here’s wishing you a magnificent view of yourself.   

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